Rashmi Gajaralwar

Hi I have known Suman Manjrekar for over 13 years. Suman guided me through the LIC policies & she was a real help when I did not know anything about investment. She was very clear with letting me know each & every aspect of the various policies that are available under LIC. She has been a wonderful agent this year, when due to the covid-19 we had to come back from Dubai, she helped us with acquiring a loan from LIC as we were facing a lot of financial issues. It was very smooth transaction. all I had to do was give her my documents & she did everything for me the money was transferred into my a/c without a hitch. So all those who were planning to invest or haven't invested as yet & are still in a dilemma, I would like to suggest that you should contact Suman for she will guide you through which policy is best suited to your needs & she will take care of you.

Dr. Ashish Agarwal

Suman Manjrekar gives a holistic advice & was not pushy but at the same time she kept telling me the importance of quick decision. She has a good knowledge and gives a futuristic advice which would really help in long run. I would urge all to make a proper decision for your family and your future. With LIC I feel safe compared to private companies. Until I met Suman I never knew that insurance was an important part which I had missed. So understand your value for your family and get insured.

Shamiya Shaikh

I have known Suman Manjrekar since 3 years but I started invested in LIC 1 years back. Suman ma’am guided me through LIC policies and she really helped me a lot for explaining about the policies. She is the best agent ever. Because of her am completely in trust and now am holding LIC account since 1 year. All I need to do was to give her my documents and she did everything for me. So all those who were planning to invest or haven’t invested yet I would like to suggest that you should contact Suman ma'am and she is the best LIC guidance and agent ever.

Mr. Kapil Ladiwal

I highly recommend Suman Manjrekar as an investment advisor, as she has the ability to connect with her clients and she is very confident because of her deep knowledge about the product. Now i am rest assured that my investments are in secure hands.

Mr. Vinay Siddhanthi

Suman is a true professional. She understands the family needs and is able to suggest the best . She is very proactive and is very understanding. She has good knowledge of the right investment and is willing to ensure that you get the best deal. For her it is not the sales. I feel it's a reaction for her

Ms. Shabana Ansari

"Thank you Ms Suman Manjrekar for making me understand the importance of insuring my life". She is polite, humble, knowledgeable and always guide the right path. I would recommend my friend and family too as I am very happy with her service.

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