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Suman Manjrekar is an Author of the Amazon Bestseller book " I WILL NEVER DIE" which is a complete guide to Insurance.

She has undergone an intensive training from World Class Money Masters from USA to Japan.  Her advice is incomparable due to her knowledge, her expertise and above all her experience of so many years. She is also passionate about her work and wanting to secure peoples life, that is what makes her a unique Consultant. 

She is a certified and licensed advisor under IRDA and AMFI.  Apart from this she keeps upgrading her knowledge and expertise with international Coaches of this industry

Wealth Creation Services includes various Investment Instruments like Mutual Funds, Equity and Debt Combination, All kids of Insurances, Pension Plan, Children education/ Marriage/Securing future, Financial Planning, etc.

We offer customized Wealth Solutions which help people to achieve their long - term and medium-term financial goals through effective financial planning. Since last 19 years, we have helped more than 500 families and individuals in achieving their Financial Goals such as retirement planning, child’s education planning, financial protection against any unforeseen events etc.

We offer a wide range of financial instruments to suits your diverse needs. Our clients include salaried, businessmen, students, professionals, housewives, government employees and retired people.

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