Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health is the real wealth. Don't you agree?

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people require medical care at some point or the other. Health insurance can help in protecting you from unexpected, high medical costs.

4) Reasons why adequate health insurance is must for you?

  • Provides you with the best treatment in case of illness
  • No need to break your hard earned savings
  • No need to borrow money at high interest rates
  • Ensures peace of mind

Cancer Care Insurance

A stress-free life is a precious life,
But what if it’s suddenly filled with strife?
An evil cancer could hit you unexpectedly,
But you mustn’t let it affect your finances severely.
You can’t let an illness define you,
Even if it paints you with a darker hue.

Should you fight a battle with cancer,
We will help you ready financially, your answer.

Suman’s Consultancy offers two different options for cancer care.

Option 1

LIC’s Cancer Cover

LIC's Cancer Cover is a regular premium payment health insurance plan which provides financial protection in case the Life Assured is diagnosed with any of the specified Early and/or Major Stage Cancer during the policy term.

  • Renewal till the age of 75.
  • Lump sum 25% pay out for early stage cancer.
  • Remaining 75% pay out on Major stage/ 100% if directly diagnosed in major stage.
  • 1% monthly survival Benefit for next 10 years.
  • Waiting period of 180 days will apply.

Option 2


I-Can An Essential Cancer Insurance Plan

  • Life long renewal even after claims.
  • Cancer Cover for all the stages.
  • Cashless Cancer Treatment.
  • Lump sum 60% pay out at early stage/100% pay out on stage IV.
  • Waiting period of 120 days will apply.

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