Individual Personal Accident

The most beautiful thing about life is the surprises that it brings…

These surprises, however, are not always blessings. For example, Monsoon is awaited all year long but there is always a chance of floods. Similarly, we also look forward to bursting a firecracker or two, on Diwali but sometimes a firecracker misdirects itself, leading to a disaster. In a few words, life has its set of surprises but that does not mean we have to compromise our way of life.

At Suman’s Consultancy, we encourage you to live in the moment and make use of every opportunity without having to worry. Finding happiness in the little things, the clouds that cover almost every inch of the sky, the first smile of a newly born child, the fact that you are alive and well. This is why Suman’s Consultancy’s IPA plan helps you to take care of these surprises that life throws at you, and helps you pave a safe and serene path as you go.

1 Accidental Death (AD) 20L To 1Cr 1Cr To 2.5Cr 2.5Cr to 10Cr
2 Transportation Of Mortal Remains 25000 50000 1L
3 Cremation Ceremony 25000 50000 1L
4 Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) Up to AD SI Up to AD SI Up to AD SI
5 Permanent Partial Disablement (PPD) Up to AD SI Up to AD SI Up to AD SI
6 Emergency Road Ambulance Charges 5,000 10,000 20,000
7 Education Fund 50,000 1L 2L
8 Purchase of Blood 10,000 10,000 10,000
9 Cost of Prosthetics 20,000 50,000 1L
10 Accidental Out-patient Expenses 5,000 5,000 10,000
11 Accident Hospital Cash 1,000 for max 15 Days 3,000 for max 15 Days 5,000 for max 15 Days
12 Family Transportation - 50,000 1L
13 Modification of Residence/Vehicle - 2.5L 5L
14 Broken Bones - 50,000 1L
15 Burns - 15L 25L
16 Adventure Sports - AD SI Up to AD SI
17 Head and Spinal Injury - 20,000 50,000
18 Emergency Air Ambulance Charges - 2L 3L
19 Education Fund on Disability of Dependent Child - 2L 3L
20 Pet Care - 2,500 for max 15 days 2,500 for max 15 days
21 Homemaker Care Allowance - 25,000 50,000
22 Transportation of Imported Medicine - - 20,000
23 Multiple Member Disability - - 120% of PTD SI
24 Coma - - 50L
25 Carrier - - 1L
26 Marriage Expenses for Children - - 10L
27 Elderly care - - 3L


1 Total Temporary Disablement (TTD) Up to 5L Up to 25L Up to 50L
2 Accidental In-patient Hospitalisation with Restore Benefit 1L 3L 5L
3 Loan Secure Up to AD SI Up to AD SI Up to AD SI

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